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BENEJAF INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a fully integrated building and construction, mechanical, electrical engineering, equipment leasing and energy Services Company incorporated in Nigeria on the 11th day of August, 1993 as a Limited Liability Company, RC NO 228,319. The head office is located at Plot 150 East/West Road, Nkpolu Rumuigbo, Port Harcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria with branch offices in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu and Jos.

Benejaf International Limited is a leading Company providing solution that help businesses and government agencies of every size, description and location, operate safely and efficiently. Our history of innovation began with the introduction of Total Quality Management and Time Based Delivery in our operations in 1993. Today Benejaf International Limited continues to bean innovator in Project Management Consultancy/design and construction of Multi - purpose Structures, Building of new structures as well as Modification, Renovation and Rehabilitation works on existing structures.

The company has the reputation for efficiency and fast delivery of services to our numerous customers at affordable prices. This quality, which we have worked hard to attain and also maintain, has given us recognition in various oil services companies, government agencies, corporate and private setup.

The company took time to employ well qualified and experienced Engineers and professional men to form a solid team for effective execution of important Engineering services, transportation and industry waste management to clients' specification and satisfaction using the most modern methods. Class of project the company has capability to execute include, but not limited to Civil Engineering Works, Mechanical Engineering Works Buildings, Structural Engineering Design and Construction, Corrosion control/management. Project Management, General Maintenance, Electrical Engineering Works, Transportation of Equipment and other Transport Service, Heavy Duty Equipment leasing. Supplies and Industrial Waste Management.

BENEJAF INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has a well - trained safety outfit to ensure accident free operations. The company has a standard safety policy manual, which is strictly adhered to by all employees. This attests to the fact that Benejaf International Limited is yet to have operational injury resulting to disability or fatality since inception. This is an enviable record, which we cannot compromise. Our commitment to ensure that our men are healthy and work in a safe and secured environment has earned us a first price award in Health Safety Environmental Security at Shell Petroleum Development Company.

Other classes of project execution capabilities include Design and installation of Electrical and Electronic Devices Structured Office cabling and wiring, supply and installation of Electrical Equipment, Workforce management solutions. Urban and Rural Community Electrification and Electrical Engineering/Instrumentation. Design and construction of mechanical works and installations.

BENEJAF International Limited is located in Port - Harcourt, Rivers State, which is in the heart of the Oil producing region of Nigeria. This location also houses majority of the Oil and Gas producing and servicing companies in Nigeria, with easy access to Oil and Gas Operations and sites with the Federal Ocean Terminal for Sea Transport to offshore rigs. Import and Export Cargo.

The Company's registered office address is at 150 East/West Road,Nkpolu, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria which occupies a total land area of 4,050 square meters. This houses the Company's Head Office complex, its facilities and equipments, and also a new Office complex with land area of 6,354.45 square meters which is currently under construction.
BENEJAF has a wide range of highly skilled man power and equipment necessary for the execution of it's projects.